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Home > About HTPM > News > HTPM′s 2019 Annual Party Was Successfully Held Company News | Dec 30,2019

HTPM′s 2019 Annual Party Was Successfully Held

On the eve of December 28, 2019, Wuxi Hi-Tech Precision Mold Co.,Ltd.'s annual party was successfully held at Tongqinglou.


Before entering the party hall, all employees picked their own lucky numbers.


Mr. Lee, our president and Mr. Shi, our general manager, talked before the party began.


Special Contribution Award to employees who have worked in HTPM for ten years.


Employees also played fun games and performed shows.

Awards announced one by one.



Mr. Shi awarded the prizes to the first prize winners.


Mr.Lee's singing brought the audience to a climax.


With the award of the grand prize, the party of 2019 ended in joy.

May the new year, everyone makes persistent efforts to meet the beautiful 2020 with smile.